Commercial Ventilation by Your Commercial HVAC Contractor in Winnipeg

An important part of keeping your company viable is making sure that you have satisfied customers and employees. People working in conditions that they deem to be unfit will not work efficiently, and it’s important to make sure that your customers have a pleasant experience in your store, shop or building. Problems could arise if you have poor air quality, if your space doesn’t have enough heat or if your commercial air conditioner doesn’t seem to do its job.

To ensure that both your customers and your employees are satisfied, you may need commercial ventilation services in Winnipeg or the surrounding areas. East Side Ventilation offers extensive cleaning, installation and fabrication services for commercial clients. We are a commercial HVAC contractor in Winnipeg that is proud to provide local businesses with the services they need to maintain a clean working environment.

Commercial Ventilation Services in Winnipeg

East Side Ventilation can take care of all of your sheet metal and ventilation needs. Having done work in many industries including mining and food processing, we have the experience and understanding to ensure that your ventilation systems are built in accordance with codes and safety standards. We also provide comprehensive duct cleaning services to allow for cleaner air in your office or building. Reasons to have your commercial ducts, heating, cooling and ventilation systems cleaned regularly include:

  • Employee safety and health regulations
  • Prevent costly down time when systems malfunction or break down
  • Ensure that all commercial refrigeration units remain operational and do not malfunction or lead to losses
  • Keep traps and hoods clean and clear of obstructions to ensure that work sites and commercial kitchens have appropriate ventilation
  • Avoid water contamination
  • Reduce wear and tear on your commercial HVAC system
  • Monitor and control issues with air quality
  • Maintain older appliances or equipment
  • Strange noises coming from heating or cooling equipment
  • Leaks around the base of equipment

We also provide commercial metal fabrication to build custom ductwork for your place of business. Contact East Side Ventilation today or call us at 204-667-8700 for commercial ventilation services in Winnipeg.

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