Residential Furnace Cleaning in Winnipeg

When winter comes to Winnipeg, you need a furnace you can trust. A low-performance furnace means higher energy bills and less efficient heating. That is why East Side Ventilation offers you a maintenance plan. You can get affordable residential furnace cleaning in Winnipeg that keeps your furnace running well for years.

Make Your Furnace Last with Regular Maintenance

Furnaces need regular cleaning and maintenance in order to last. Dirt and grime wear on your furnace and eventually lead to breakdowns. Left alone, your furnace will measure the temperature of your home incorrectly and produce too much or too little heat.

Also, stressed parts can malfunction, and the furnace itself can completely stop working. However, with proper maintenance you will give your furnace a longer service life and avoid expensive repair and replacement costs.

Furnaces with problems also lead to high energy costs. Dirty furnaces will produce less heat, which means they must work harder to warm your home. This wastes energy and can cause higher electrical bills in the winter. Regular cleanings make it easier to have a warm house and reduce wasted energy.

Please note we do not offer chimney or kitchen exhaust cleaning.

Winnipeg Furnace Cleaning Maintenance Plans that Work for You

With East Side Ventilation, you can choose an annual or quarterly maintenance plan that fits your needs. We will clear your furnace of dirt and debris, replace filters, and inspect individual components. Our trained technicians will assess each part to make sure it’s working properly and will warn you of potential problems.

If problems are found during your Winnipeg furnace cleaning, East Side Ventilation can give you an honest, accurate estimate for repairs. As your one-stop HVAC professionals, we provide expert service and repairs to all types of gas, electric and geothermal systems.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

When you combine our furnace cleaning with complete duct cleaning, you can greatly improve the indoor air quality of your home or business. We remove dust, dirt and allergens with our power duct cleaning system and have the speciality cameras and high-power brushes to locate and remedy the dirtiest ducts.

When you need residential furnace cleaning in Winnipeg, East Side Ventilation has a plan for you. With our help, you will have a furnace that will heat your home efficiently for years to come. Call 204-667-8700 or fill out the below form to find out more about your maintenance options.

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