Industrial duct cleaning and HVAC installation

3 Tips for Industrial Duct Cleaning and HVAC Installation

When you need HVAC systems installed and maintained in and around Winnipeg for your industrial facility, only the best will do. With so much depending on proper heating and cooling systems in Winnipeg, East Side Ventilation can be trusted to meet your needs.


Your HVAC system is one of the most important parts of your factory, plant, or facility. Here’s some advice on what to keep in mind when it comes to installing and maintaining your HVAC units and ventilation ducts to make sure your facility is getting the most out of its system.

Get the Job Done Right

When you planned out your facility, you probably painstakingly mapped out every detail to make sure your space was being used to its fullest potential. Well, when it comes to installing ventilation ducts and climate control systems it’s no different. A professional team of heating and cooling experts in Winnipeg must be able to design and install your system according to your plant’s needs. This will help make your HVAC system more efficient, make your factory safer, and improve the air quality throughout the building.

Plan for Yearly Cleaning and Maintenance

Just like your assembly line or the tools in your workshop, your air ducts need regular inspections and maintenance to keep them working properly and to extend their lifetime. Clean ducts have a number of benefits, including:

  • Improved air quality
  • Removal of allergens from the environment
  • Increased efficiency of your HVAC system
  • Decreased power consumption
  • Reduced risk of fire


These benefits make regular duct cleaning in Winnipeg a must for any industrial facility.

When the Seasons Change, It’s Time to Clean and Update Your System

The best time to clean your ducts in Winnipeg is in the spring or fall, when the weather is about to change. After your HVAC system has taken care of heating your facility in the winter, consider doing some spring-cleaning in your vents. While you’re at it, have an HVAC expert inspect your system to make sure it’s ready for the warm summer weather. Or, if you prefer to wait for the summer months to pass, fall is also a great time to clean your ducts and inspect your system before the cold winter weather rolls in.

For more advice on HVAC installation and maintenance in Winnipeg, or to schedule duct cleaning, contact East Side Ventilation today. Our team of professionals has experience installing heating and cooling systems in a wide range of plants, factories and even mining facilities. We also have the state- of-the-art tools necessary to get the job done, including an automated duct fabricating system capable of constructing your custom ventilation ducts exactly to your plant’s specifications.