Heating and air conditioning in Winnipeg Manitoba

Exploring the Endless Benefits of Year-Round Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance in Winnipeg

Just about anything in life can be improved when you are proactive, and the same applies to heating and air conditioning in Winnipeg homes.

When you are proactive with year-round maintenance, you do not have to worry about breakdowns and emergency repairs. Reactive maintenance is administered just as needed, which leads to costlier repairs and unexpected system failures. Being proactive might seem like a waste, but once you do it, you will see the benefits of staying on top versus always having to catch up.

5 Key Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Being proactive has its advantages. When you take care of your home’s comfort systems, it will reward you in the form of:

  • Fewer Emergency Repairs: Maintenance helps to prevent frequent repairs and catch issues early on. When you properly maintain your air conditioner and heating unit, they break down less frequently.
  • Parts and Labour Might be Covered: When parts are replaced during routine maintenance, they typically come with a parts and labour warranty from the company. Therefore, if those components fail, they may be repaired at no cost to you.
  • Lower Costs: Preventative maintenance costs much less than an emergency furnace repair in Winnipeg. Also, you could receive a discount on labour and parts if you are part of a maintenance protection plan. So, if your unit does stop working, you would not pay as much as you would without a protection plan in place. Throughout the year, you will notice your unit consumes less energy too because preventative maintenance ensures your furnace or air conditioner is operating at its highest level of performance and efficiency.
  • Easier Scheduling: Your schedule does not always dictate a furnace repair in Winnipeg, and when it is required, that might mean waiting a few days to have your unit repaired. When you are on a preventative maintenance plan, your technician comes to your home once a year to service your furnace, and once a year for the air conditioner. It is quick, easy to schedule, and you are not rushing to squeeze in a last-minute appointment for a repair.
  • Cleaner Air: With a Winnipeg duct cleaning on occasion, your comfort system will emit cleaner, fresher air. This is especially important if you or a household member has allergies or asthma. Also, when ducts are cleaner, your comfort system does not work as hard to push air through the vents; saving you on utility costs and preventing unnecessary wear.

To get the most out of your air conditioning unit and furnace, sign up for a maintenance and cleaning program with East Side Ventilation. We offer maintenance plans that provide you with the superior assurance that your system will operate properly year-round, and they serve as your preventative measure for emergency repairs and system failures.

Start being proactive by calling East Side Ventilation to sign up for a plan on your heating and air conditioning in Winnipeg. Call 204-667-8700 or contact us online.