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How Custom Metalwork and Metal Fabrication are Used in Your HVAC System

If you’re a Winnipeg building owner who needs to install or refit a heating and cooling system, it will help if you’re familiar with the terminology of the trade. Here’s a look at the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) work we do.

With our automated duct line, we can fabricate all the ducts that you need to direct airflow and carry heated, cooled or treated air throughout your building.

A fully automated fabrication system like ours lets us rapidly turn out the ducts you need for your commercial HVAC system or for your home. It also ensures that our ducts and full installations perform to the highest standards. That means your heating and air conditioning system won’t leak and make you spend more money to stay comfortable and breathe clean air.

Here are the kinds of clients we fabricate ducts for:

  • Institutions such as schools, prisons and hospitals
  • Industrial plants and warehouses
  • Commercial buildings such as restaurants and hotels
  • Stores and shopping centres
  • Home HVAC systems
  • Special projects

Spiral pipes are commonly used at commercial and industrial sites, especially in Winnipeg buildings where the HVAC pipes will be showing. You’ll see exposed-pipe building design in many big box stores, chain restaurants and uniquely designed homes.

Plasma cutting lets us work cost-effectively with mild steel and stainless steel in our fabrication shop. The process involves using a machine that directs hot plasma in a precise, clean cut through the material.

We also fabricate snap-lock pipes made of galvanized steel and aluminum in our workshops. These are an important part of low-pressure HVAC duct systems, including dryer vents, furnace vents and the like.

With our sheet-metal shear and break equipment we can bend and cut HVAC ducts to suit your needs, even if it’s a custom job that you need done for your own project.

Acoustic insulation is another thing we do. Internal insulation is known to reduce the annoyance of heating and cooling noises in your building. An added bonus of acoustic insulation is the increased thermal retention of your ducts.

For custom jobs that can’t be fabricated automatically, our fully trained welders and sheet metal workers take over. In our welding workshop we do stick welding as well as TIG and MIG welding on aluminum, steel and stainless steel.

For more information, call us to talk with an East Side Ventilation technician. We can help you with your HVAC and custom sheet metal needs in commercial, industrial and residential settings.