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How to Keep Your Commercial Furnace in Top Condition this Winter

In Winnipeg, we see snow depths of 1 cm or more about 132 days each year. Couple that with howling prairie winds and an average daily winter temperature of -12 degrees Celsius and that gives your commercial furnace serious conditions to contend with.

That in mind, it is critical to keep your commercial heating system in Winnipeg in good working order. Not only will it provide a more comfortable work environment for employees, leading to increased productivity, but routine maintenance can also save you bundles on overall heating costs.

As a business or building owner, the last thing you need is for the furnace to have a complete malfunction on the coldest day of the year. Regular maintenance is crucial for preventing such unnecessary mishaps. It costs significantly more for a commercial furnace replacement in Winnipeg than it does for furnace cleaning or furnace repair.

What should be on top of your furnace maintenance to-do list?

Following a Maintenance Plan
Every manufacturer has a specific annual maintenance plan for each piece of equipment they make. Become familiar with the plan for your furnace. It acts as your point of reference to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks in terms of its routine care.

Replacing Old Filters
Furnace filters are often overlooked, but changing them on a quarterly basis is the simplest and most cost-effective way to keep your commercial furnace working in top condition. Changing the filter isn’t just about improving air quality, it also helps the furnace run more efficiently and prevents it from seizing up.

Tracking System Indicators
Make a habit of tracking the furnace system indicators on a daily basis, especially during harsh weather conditions. Doing so will help you pick up on any early warning signs and prevent unexpected emergencies down the road.

Getting a Furnace Checkup
With Winnipeg’s extreme weather variances, you should have a licensed HVAC technician check your equipment twice a year. They will be able to catch and correct developing problems before they become major concerns. That is your best defense in preventing emergencies that result in costly furnace repairs or total furnace replacements.

If a serious problem does occur, Manitoba offers several options to help with the cost of improving or upgrading your commercial heating and cooling systems. To learn more, visit our web page on furnace financing in Winnipeg.

But why wait for serious problems to develop? With proper system monitoring and maintenance, you can keep your business operating smoothly all year around. For more information on how we can help, contact one of our friendly, knowledgeable technicians at East Side Ventilation today.