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Stay Cool with a Working Air Conditioner

It’s hot outside! It’s muggy and stuffy and you can’t wait to be relaxing inside your air-conditioned house. You walk inside and it’s like an oven in there! Oh no, your air conditioner has broken down!

Stop AC Problems before They Start

If it’s important for you to be comfortable inside your house on hot summer days, an air conditioner in working order is an absolute must. Cool air provided by your AC makes it easier and more pleasurable to do household chores, to cook and to sleep. There are steps you can take to help your AC remain in tip-top shape:

  • Check the filters for proper airflow once per month
  • Clean filters once per month, remove any traces of lint
  • Clean filters once per month, remove any traces of lint
  • Hire a company to inspect your AC before each summer season — your AC may need a tune-up

AC Breakdown: Don’t Sweat It

If your AC does break, don’t worry. There are various air conditioning contractors in Winnipeg that can bring you relief. East Side Ventilation is here for you. Our technicians are experienced with all makes and models of air conditioners. We can fix your central air system or your rooftop unit. Don’t sweat it; we’re your air conditioning repair technicians in Winnipeg.

As noted above, it’s easier, less costly and less aggravating to stop problems before they happen. At East Side Ventilation, our team will help your AC work as long as possible and run smoothly with regular cleaning and service. For example, we will clear your ductwork, clean your AC unit and give your entire HVAC system a tune-up when necessary.

Complete Care

East Side Ventilation can provide complete care for your AC system: we handle installation, repairs when needed, and replacement at the end of its life. If your AC is an older model and you find that your utility bills are too high, we can help you replace it with a more energy-efficient unit. We are your complete HVAC contractors, here for you in Winnipeg.

For more information, we encourage you to browse our website. You can also give us a call to speak to our helpful and knowledgeable staff to arrange an on-site appointment. If you’d like a free sales estimate, you can fill out our online form and we will respond to you promptly.