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5 Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Home Furnace

April 12, 2017
Furnace replacement in Winnipeg Manitoba

Furnaces across Canada work hard all winter long. They play a big role in making your living space functional, welcoming, and liveable. Because they are required to run for many months continuously, knowing when it is time for furnace repairs or replacement can be difficult. Regular furnace maintenance should be completed to keep your heater in great working condition and ensure necessary repairs are completed in a timely fashion. After a while, though, every furnace will need to be replaced. Follow the guidelines below or contact the team at East Side Ventilation for accessible furnace financing and a professional assessment to determine if it is time for you to get a new furnace in Winnipeg.

How Can You Tell If You Need Furnace Replacement in Winnipeg

Use these tips to decide if your unit is in need of a furnace repair or a full replacement: 

  • Expenses: If you have noticed an increase in the cost of your monthly heating bills, it may indicate your furnace is working extra hard to get the same results it used to deliver. Furnace repairs from a reputable HVAC company may be enough to solve the issue, but in some cases a replacement may be required. Added monthly expenses may be better used toward a new furnace. 
  • Sounds: Some steady sound is normal, but if you begin to take note of odd clanking, rattling, popping, or banging noises, your furnace may be facing mechanical problems that can point to rapid wear and tear. 
  • Yellow Flame: If the flame on your furnace is yellow, it may indicate the production of carbon monoxide, a highly toxic gas that has no smell, taste, or colour. Rusting pipes or connections, soot around your furnace, and moisture on windows and walls of your home may also be signs that this harmful gas is present. If you suspect your furnace is producing carbon monoxide, turn the gas off and leave your home immediately before calling your utility company. 
  • Thermostat Adjustments: If your thermostat settings never seem to keep you comfortable in your living space, it may be caused by bigger furnace issues. Have an inspection completed to rule out feedback errors or technical problems with the thermostat and then consider your options for furnace replacement in Winnipeg. 
  • Frequent Repairs: Find yourself calling your HVAC contractor more than once a year for a maintenance appointment? If you need frequent repairs, a new furnace installation may be a more cost effective and long-term solution. 
  • Time: In many cases, time is the easiest and most accurate indicator of when it is necessary to replace your furnace. After 15 years, the efficiency and performance of your furnace will be degraded and it is a good idea to replace it before a breakdown occurs. 

If you need a furnace replacement in Winnipeg, contact the professionals at East Side Ventilation. We provide reliable local services and affordable options to maintain, repair, clean, and replace your furnace.

Contact East Side Ventilation for furnace financing, repairs, or replacement in Winnipeg at 204-667-8700. You can also contact us online today.

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