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Are You Ready for Air Conditioning Season in Winnipeg?

Janurary 13, 2016
air conditioning in winnipeg

Summer is almost here and Winnipeg is finally heating up! But a poorly maintained air conditioning unit can really jack up your bills so it’s important to take the time to properly prepare. The following checklist can help you gear up for summer and take care of any minor air conditioner repairs before the summer swelter sets in.

1. Clean up the condenser

Your outdoor condenser spends all day sucking in dirt, pollen, leaves and other air-borne contaminants which clog the unit and make it less efficient. Increase your energy savings by keeping the condenser clean:

  • Confirm that the unit is powered off
  • Clear away leaves and debris
  • Gently wipe down the coils with a soft cloth
  • Hose down the entire unit
  • Allow to dry before turning back on

Keep the area around the condenser clear all summer long by trimming the lawn and routinely cutting back any bushes or shrubs in the vicinity

2. Change the air filters
Changing the air filter should be a part of your regular maintenance routine and can be done approximately every two months. Not only can a dirty air filter clog up your system and release dust and allergens into your home, it can also cause some major damage and reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system.

3. Clean the ductwork
Remove the registers and wipe all visible parts of the ducts as part of your yearly spring cleaning schedule. Ducts collect a lot of dust and debris so cleaning them out will make a big difference in the air quality inside your home and will also prevent all that dust from clogging your air filters. If you see any signs of mould, call the experts at East Side Ventilation for a thorough cleaning.

4. Call in professional air conditioning contractors

Nothing gets your HVAC system ready for the start of a new season quite like a professional tune-up. The skilled air conditioning contractors at East Side Ventilation are trained to diagnose and repair all different kinds of HVAC systems. They have the tools and the know-how to fix and repair little problems before they turn into major issues.

A yearly tune-up can make a big difference in the life of your air conditioner, your hydro bills and the air quality inside your home. Contact East Side Ventilation now to learn more about AC repair and all the Hydro financing options in Winnipeg that can offset your monthly bill and your AC installation costs. Book online today and get $20 off

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