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Could You Benefit from a Mini Split Heat Pump in Your Winnipeg Home?

July 31, 2018
Benefit from a Mini Split Heat Pump

Heat pumps are becoming increasingly common in areas where winters are rather cold and extended. If you are looking for heating in Winnipeg, you might have heard of the mini-split heat pump system. Compared to furnaces, they are easier to install and offer a variety of benefits.

A mini-split system can heat and cool, but you control it in the room where it is installed. Therefore, you do not have a centralized system. There are two components to the system, which involve a compressor/condenser outside, and an indoor unit that distributes heated or cooled air.

4 Benefits of Installing a Mini-Split Heat Pump in Your Home

More heating contractors in Winnipeg are now offering mini-split systems because they know the benefits they bring to those who use them.

If you add a mini-split to your home, here are some of the advantages you could take enjoy:


  1. Efficient and Easy - A mini-split system is much more energy efficient than a traditional air conditioner or furnace. It will only work in the rooms where you turn it on, so you are not paying to heat an empty room or cool an area of the house that does not need it.
  2. Customized Temperature Controls - In your household, you might notice that no two residents have the same temperature needs. You like it cooler at night, while your child may like it warm. With a mini-split system, everyone gets the temperature that makes them comfortable, because they can customize it in their room. You can also control the temperature in each room with a remote, including adding timers.
  3. Accessible Heating and Cooling - Older homes do not have ductwork, and installing new ductwork to accommodate a traditional HVAC system is extremely costly and time-consuming. It would also require a bulkhead to cover the ductwork in some areas, reducing your square footage. With a mini-split system, you enjoy heating and cooling without installing ductwork. Traditional ducting wastes energy and accounts for a significant portion of energy consumption for an HVAC system. Mini-split systems bypass the need for ducts, ensuring you get maximum efficiency.
  4. Cheaper Investment - Purchasing a new air conditioner or furnace is costly, and the installation costs drive up that investment even more. Mini-split systems are less expensive to buy than a single zone system and have cheaper installation costs too.

If your home is due for an upgrade or you want to install a mini-split system and forgo the costs of a traditional HVAC unit, the team at East Side Ventilation can help. Our expert heating contractors in Winnipeg can come to your home and do an assessment to decide what size and type of system will work best for your square footage and layout.

Our team can also help you maintain your mini-split systems so that you can enjoy efficient use year-round.

Contact East Side Ventilation for a quote or to inquire about mini-split heat pump or furnace installation services in Winnipeg. Call us at 204-667-8700 or contact us online.

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