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Choosing a Brand: Do Heating & Cooling Brands in Winnipeg Matter?

August 08, 2017
Choosing a Brand

You may already know how important it is to find a reputable HVAC dealer. Without qualified Winnipeg technicians at your service, you could find yourself looking for a new company.

Have you ever wondered how important brand names are? Do you know the brands of your home’s HVAC products? 

5 Facts You Should Know about Heating and Cooling Brands in Winnipeg

When you are shopping for heating and cooling appliances in Winnipeg, you need to find a dealer you can trust. If you have a good relationship with your air conditioner repair company in Winnipeg, you can feel secure about buying an air conditioning unit from them. Likewise, when you need a replacement furnace, you can turn to the people you trust to do your furnace installation in Winnipeg.

Consider these 5 facts about HVAC brands:


  1. Manufacturers – The number of manufacturers who produce HVAC brands is much lower than the number of brands available. A handful of manufacturers creates the many brands of products on the market. That means that the level of quality among some brands might not vary as much as you think. 
  2. Reputation – While many of the lesser known brands could be comparable in terms of value, leading brands might offer the best options. Top names become well known for good reason. They consistently deliver quality performance, which helps to build their reputation over time. In most cases, leading brands come with a guarantee. 
  3. More Resources – When a manufacturer has been producing a top-selling HVAC brand for years, the company likely has more resources to invest in the latest technology. This helps to increase the quality of the products even more, making it an optimal choice for consumers.
  4. Better Customer Resources – In the same way that a top seller can yield more resources for the manufacturer, it may lead to better customer resources. Both online and offline, consumers can generally find more detailed product manuals and specifications for reputable brands. 
  5. Training – One of the most important aspects of purchasing new HVAC equipment is service. Look for trained dealers who employ certified technicians for installation, repair and maintenance. These are the professionals you will want to rely on for installing and servicing your HVAC products.  

Buying brand names can make a difference in your experience as a consumer. HVAC items and systems are important investments for your household. Thus, you must choose such products carefully. By purchasing them through a trusted Winnipeg dealer, you can spare yourself from making an unfortunate buying decision.

If you are looking for a new air conditioner or heating unit, the experienced staff at East Side Ventilation can help. We want you to buy the best products for your home, so you can get many years of use from them. Do not hesitate to ask us about the brands we carry and recommend.

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