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Do I Need to Get an Annual Furnace Check-Up?

July 16, 2019

In a short answer, yes you do.

Here’s the longer answer—maintaining a furnace provides your home with numerous benefits, but also ensures that your home remains safe. Annual check-ups are something you are familiar with. After all, you probably see your dentist once a year, go to the physician for a physical, and even have your car serviced. So, why would you ignore your furnace?

Reasons Every Homeowner Should Have a Tune-Up on Their Furnace in Winnipeg
The reasons why companies like East Side Ventilation urge you to get your furnace checked are simple. Maintenance is vital to keeping your home warm this winter, but also ensuring your gas furnace in your Winnipeg home is not a health hazard.

Here are the reasons why every home needs an annual furnace check-up:

• Proper Airflow: While a technician tunes up the furnace, they also look at the airflow your unit receives. Anytime a furnace experiences restricted airflow, it suffers unnecessary strain, which can short its lifespan and lead to unexpected repairs.
• Safety: Furnaces use fuel to heat your home, and any time you have combustion, you have the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and gas leaks. Your technician looks at the gas connection but also assesses any issues that could contribute to carbon monoxide entering the home and makes sure your unit is safe.
• Reduction in Repairs: No one wants to call in a technician in the middle of winter and pay for an emergency repair because their furnace broke down. A tune-up catches small problems before they become big enough to cause your heater to break down, and it cleans your furnace too, thus ensuring it runs efficiently.
• Maintains Your Warranty: Did you recently invest in a new furnace? That significant investment has a warranty, but the warranty only remains in place if you do your due diligence, which includes annual maintenance. If you do not follow the maintenance stipulation in the warranty, you could void it and end up paying for repairs yourself.
• Better Efficiency for Winter: While your furnace runs strong all winter, your heating costs rise too. Make sure they do not increase more than necessary with a well-maintained furnace. When your furnace is clean, and parts are working as they should, your furnace will not require to work harder than necessary, which means it does not consume more energy than it needs.

Schedule Your Furnace Cleaning with Winnipeg Service Technicians Today
Now is the perfect time to book your furnace cleaning or repair services before the winter rush. Most homeowners do not remember to maintain their furnace until winter, which means longer wait times.

When you book before winter strikes, you can get in sooner and make sure your furnace is ready for the cold temperatures ahead.

Schedule your annual furnace tune-up or furnace cleaning in Winnipeg and surrounding cities with the technicians at East Side Ventilation. Call us today at 204-667-8700 or contact us online to set up a consultation.
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