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Do You Know All Your Winnipeg HVAC & Hydro Financing Options?

December 13, 2015
financing options in winnipeg

There’s no need to be uncomfortable in your own home simply because you’re worried you can’t afford the AC installation costs. Or to suffer through huge spikes in your energy bill every time you use your heating or cooling system. At least not when there are so many HVAC and hydro financing options when you come to East Side Ventilation in Winnipeg! Keep reading to learn how you can save.

Manitoba Hydro financing

Manitoba Hydro partners with local contractors like East Side Ventilation to offer a number of different financing options and rebates to homeowners and businesses looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their energy efficiency. Customers can save a bundle with the Affordable Energy Program, the Residential Propane and Oil Furnace/Boiler Replacement Program and the Energy Finance Plan.

  • Affordable Energy Program —Helps lower income households improve their energy efficiency through a series of rebates as well as a number of different free eco-efficient items for the home. If you qualify, you could receive free insulation in your attic, walls, basement and crawlspace. You could also get a cash-back rebate for the purchase of a new high-efficiency natural gas boiler. Recipients of the Affordable Energy Program also receive free items like low-flow showerheads, water aerators, and eco-friendly light bulbs.
  • Residential Propane and Oil Furnace/Boiler Replacement Program —This program offers homeowners a rebate for replacing their current furnace or boiler with a brand new high efficiency system. A new heating and cooling system may seem like a lot of money up front but the cost of replacing an aging HVAC system is well worth the investment. Modern high efficiency units usually pay for themselves within a few years by greatly reducing your monthly energy costs.
  • Energy Finance Plan —Offers financing in the form of a loan to existing Manitoba Hydro customers who want to perform upgrades to their gas and electrical systems. Manitoba Hydro provides an extensive list but some of the qualifying options include:
    • Central air conditioners
    • Water heaters
    • Furnaces and boilers
    • Combination heating systems
    • Hard-wired humidifiers/dehumidifiers and air purifiers
    • Heat pumps


The qualified technicians at East Side Ventilation can take care of all of these upgrades and more!

We also offer either annual and quarterly maintenance plans to give you peace of mind from one season to the next. We’ll clear the dirt and debris from your system, inspect all the individual parts and replace your filters so that your heating and air conditioning system always runs smoothly and lasts for years to come.

Contact us for more information on heating and air conditioning installation, maintenance and repair. Book online and get 20$ off!

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