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Heating contractors can keep your Winnipeg home warm this winter

September 09, 2015
cold weather

Is your home cooler than you would like in winter? Do you experience uneven heating throughout the rooms in your house?

Heat loss is caused by a number of factors. Drafty windows and doors are often to blame but can be easily fixed with a little bit of weatherstripping. Hardwood floors can also contribute to as much as 10 per cent of your home's heat loss but that’s nothing that a few area rugs can’t fix. However, if these measures don't help keep your home warm then you might have a larger issue on your hands.

Unexplained heat loss usually points to a problem with your heating system. Have your HVAC system looked at by a licensed heating and cooling contractor in Winnipeg to find out if the trouble lurks inside your furnace. Indications that there might be a problem with the furnace include:

  • Uneven room temperatures
  • Heating costs rise
  • Non-seasonal allergies worsen
  • Unusual odors or sounds coming from the furnace

Have your heating and air conditioning systems checked each fall

With the frigid temperatures outside, residential heating systems work hard all winter long. Have your heating and air conditioning systems inspected by a Winnipeg HVAC technician every year to make sure that you are always cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

An annual fall inspection will ensure you have reliable heating in your home all winter long. All the working components on your furnace need professional cleaning. Dirty furnaces waste energy and money. Having your furnace inspected and cleaned regularly means a warmer house, better indoor air quality and increased energy efficiency.

Our Winnipeg heating contractors can find little problems before they turn into bigger ones. Our technicians come to every inspection fully prepared with specialized tools and common replacement parts so you never get stuck with a freezing cold home.

Contact us for all your heating needs in the Winnipeg area

At East Side Ventilation, our highly trained HVAC technicians work with a variety of heating systems and have the skills to inspect, repair and install all gas, electric and geothermal forced air systems.

Brand new furnaces can be pricey and it's not always easy to come up with the cash. If you need help purchasing a new furnace for your home, Manitoba Hydro offers a number of different financing options to all of their Winnipeg customers.

We take pride in providing you with exceptional customer service. We want you to feel comfortable in your home all year round. We offer reliable 24-hour emergency repair services so that you don’t have to wait in the cold. If you’re having trouble with your heating system, contact us day or night.

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