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How Often Should I Replace the Furnace Filter and Schedule Furnace Cleaning in My Winnipeg Home?

April 12, 2017
Furnace cleaning in Winnipeg Manitoba

A furnace, regardless of how often it is used, needs the filter changed on a regular basis. When you do not replace filters, you lose the protection of the filter; and, all the benefits that come with that protection.

Filters are relatively easy to replace and affordable to buy. With a simple preventative maintenance task performed throughout the year, you could prevent costly breakdowns or worse, the replacement of your existing unit.

Factors that Help Decide When to Change the Furnace Filter

Deciding how often depends on the living conditions of your home. While the manufacturer’s manual or the filter itself might have a recommended timeline, there are instances where you will change more frequently than the recommended minimum.

Some factors that influence how often you change your furnace filter include:

  • Use of Doors and Windows: Fresh air can invigorate your home, but also allow dust and dirt to blow inside. If you are the type to invite fresh air into your home daily, then your filter should be changed once a month. If you have a four-inch filter, you can go every two months, while a five-inch filter can last up to three months. 
  • Smoking Indoors: Smoke is absorbed by your furnace filter and quickly breaks it down. So, if you or family members smoke indoors regularly, your smaller filters must be changed monthly, while four and five-inch models can go two to three months. A household with even a single smoker can add an extra month to those filter change times.
  • Dust: Some homes, especially older ones, are dustier than others. If your home is a dust magnet, that dust affects your furnace’s performance when it is allowed to clog up the filter. For extra dusty residences, changing the filter monthly for smaller units and every two to three months for larger units is best. With moderate dust, you can also extend it by one to two months more.
  • Pets: Household pets influence how often you need to change a furnace filter too. Homes that have multiple pets will follow the same change frequency as a dusty or open home. 

When none of these factors apply to your residence, you can change smaller thickness filters once every three months, while four and five-inch filters can last 6 to 12 months. However, it is rare for a home not to have at least one of the above scenarios.

Regular Furnace Cleaning in Winnipeg Residences is Just as Important
While changing your filter is critical, so is having your system cleaned regularly. Sometimes, a dirty filter can allow dust and dirt to build-up inside your furnace, which may lead to higher utility costs and more repairs.

As established heating contractors in Winnipeg, we can come to your home once or twice a year to conduct a preventative maintenance appointment. This will include cleaning out the system, inspecting, and tuning for optimum performance.

If you have an older model furnace and you are tired of continually replacing the filter, East Side Ventilation offers furnace financing in Winnipeg that can help you install a new, more energy-efficient model with a higher filter capacity.

When it is time for your preventative maintenance or if you think your furnace requires a cleaning, make East Side Ventilation your first call. Call 204-667-8700 or contact us online.

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