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Space Heaters in Winnipeg Homes: Are they Wasting Your Money or Doing the Job?

July 07, 2017
Space Heaters

When the temperatures drop, and the home’s furnace is not supplying enough heat, you might think about reaching for your handy space heater. It is convenient, quick, and keeps your room warm.

However, is a space heater as efficient as you think? More importantly, are they safe to use? Even energy-efficient space heaters are not necessarily the most useful option for heating your home or a room. So, it is best to fully assess their use and potential before you plug in one for added heat. 


3 Facts to Consider When Using a Space Heater

Most heating contractors in Winnipeg, including those at East Side Ventilation, would recommend you steer clear of space heaters. This is because there are significant concerns with those small heating appliances.

Here are three facts you should know before you use a space heater again:


  1. Energy is a Costly Resource - Space heaters typically run on electrical power. While they might be “cleaner” than the gas used to heat your furnace, electricity itself is a costly resource. In fact, frequent use of a space heater will likely increase your electricity costs. Furthermore, the energy and resources required to generate electricity do not make space heaters as efficient as one would assume.
  2. Safety Concerns - Not all space heaters are safe. In fact, some are inherently dangerous - especially older models. They pose risks for carbon monoxide poisoning (if they run on fuel), and they are a fire hazard. When placed near combustibles, the heat could result in a fire. Also, if a portable space heater were to tip over, it could cause a fire or overheat and lead to a dangerous short circuit. Cheap heaters are especially prone to these issues because to save on cost, the manufacturer will skip safety features like tip-over prevention, automatic shut-off, and so on.
  3. Multiple Space Heaters - While running one space heater can help you save on costs if you are not paying to heat the entire home, two or more heaters will waste a significant amount of money. Furthermore, most homes have a load that can only bear two or three space heaters, and even then, you will be running at maximum watt capacity. Thus, increasing the risk of blowing a fuse.

There are alternatives to using space heaters. When you need heating in Winnipeg, consider adding an energy-efficient furnace to your home. A heater, when adequately sized and installed, can supply and distribute heat evenly. Furthermore, it will save you from the hassles of fire and electric shock risks as well as the added electricity costs of a space heater.

Put away the space heater and take advantage of the offers East Side Ventilation brings. We can do an in-home estimate to help find the right furnace for you. As your local heating and cooling Winnipeg team, we can also recommend a full HVAC system so that you can enjoy energy-efficient heating and cooling year-round.

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