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The Importance of Reducing Humidity

July 18, 2018
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Whether you or your family members suffer from allergies, or your home has a sordid history with mildew, you’ve probably dealt with the issues caused by high levels of humidity. 

With the onset of the summer months, humidity reaches a fever pitch. The heat results in an increased rate of evaporation, which further results in an increased level of moisture in the air. It doesn’t take long for this moisture to make its way inside—causing any number of preventable problems. If you understand the cycle and adjust your air conditioner settings, you can alleviate problems caused by too much humidity indoors.

Taking Steps to Avoid Excess Humidity Indoors
Too much moisture indoors can exacerbate asthma and other health issues, as well as cause the growth and spread of mildew within a structure. Every horror story you’ve ever heard about mould and mildew is likely true, and this is something that should be avoided. Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to reduce humidity:

• Using Air Conditioning Units: Air conditioners work to remove moisture from the air using condensation. It’s important to pay attention to the energy efficiency level of the AC unit. The more efficient the unit, the less moisture it will be able to remove from the air. This may seem like a double-edged sword, but it is possible to strike the right balance. If your central air conditioner is not working optimally, call us in for a tune up and we can also take care of installation if the unit is due to be replaced.

• Installing a Dehumidifier: A dehumidifier is designed specifically to remove the moisture from the air within a contained environment. The machine comes in a number of different sizes and is appropriate for both commercial and residential use. While not used to cool the environment, the dehumidifier can prevent the growth of mildew, prevent musty or unpleasant smells, and reduces humidity at a faster rate than other appliances.

• Improve Ventilation: While opening windows and exposing your home to the outdoors may allow additional moisture into your home, improving the internal ventilation system can have the opposite effect. This helps to increase airflow, and to promote natural dehumidification.

• Reduce Humidity at the Source: You can’t control the levels of humidity outside your home or office premises, but you can shorten showers and use cooler water when washing. This can prevent the introduction of additional moisture into the air in areas that are already susceptible to higher levels of humidity.

If all else fails, it may be time to consider calling in the HVAC professionals at East Side Ventilation.

Struggling with Winnipeg’s Summer Humidity? We Have the Knowledge and Resources to Help!

Protect your home or business from mildew and exposure to unnecessary moisture. Contact our team of highly trained technicians at East Side Ventilation to improve your HVAC system, and beat the heat before it leads to costly repairs. It’s always better to deal with a problem before it starts, and we’re here to help.

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