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Understanding the Manitoba Affordable Energy Program

June 26, 2020

The Manitoba Affordable Energy Program is an income-based program meant to help people cut down on their carbon footprint, reduce their utility bills and keep their homes a comfortable temperature year-round. Here’s what you should know about this program.

Who Is the Program For?

The Manitoba Affordable Energy Program is targeted at people who live in detached homes, regardless of whether they own or rent. This includes:

  • Homeowners with limited incomes who feel they can’t make energy-efficient upgrades to their home, either because they can’t afford them or can’t perform them themselves.

  • Tenants with limited incomes who’d like to live in more energy-efficient homes.

  • Landlords interested in making energy-efficient upgrades to their rental properties, either to increase their value or to reduce tenants’ energy consumption.


Upgrades that improve energy efficiency, such as installing a new furnace, offer a serious return on investment. However, for many Manitobans the up-front cost of making these upgrades is too high. This is why this program is offered.

How to Qualify
To qualify for the Manitoba Affordable Energy Program, you must live in a single or semi-detached home year-round. Additionally, you must have a total household income that’s equal to or less than the limits listed by Manitoba Hydro. For example, a single-person household qualifies if their income is $32,401 or less, but a four-person household qualifies if they earn $60,209 or less. You’ll need to provide tax records and other documentation for each of the home’s inhabitants.

After Qualification
Once you’re enrolled, an inspector will come by to assess you home and provide free items such as LED light bulbs and low-flow showerheads. Then, they’ll perform an energy consumption review to determine what needs to be made more efficient.

You’ll also benefit from free insulation for attics, walls, basements and crawlspaces. This is extremely advantageous as replacing old insulation often has a measurable impact on your power bill. You’ll also benefit from assistance for a heating system upgrade. Specifically, you’ll get access to a brand new energy-efficient natural gas furnace for $9.50 per month for five years and a $3,000 rebate on the purchase of a qualifying natural gas boiler.

Furnace Installation in Winnipeg
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