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Life After Warranties: How Heating and Cooling Contractors in Winnipeg Can Help

November 11, 2018
furnace warranties in Winnipeg

When you purchased your new furnace, you knew it was a worthwhile investment. Therefore, you took steps to protect that investment with a warranty. 

Sadly, when it is time to use that warranty, the company is no longer in business, went bankrupt, and your warranty seems as though it is invalid. Before you feel defeated, consider all your options. In some cases, a local company, like East Side Ventilation, can still honour those warranties.

When Manufacturers Go Out of Business or Bankrupt
The recent closure of Sears Canada has some consumers in a panic. After all, many consumers purchased appliances from Sears but now are left wondering what happens to their warranties.

Sears is a top seller of appliances in the United States and Canada. As part of their retail program, they offer warranties and service contracts. The upcoming closure of Sears Canada makes consumers wonder if their warranties will be honoured after the closing; especially for those who have purchased 3 to 5-year warranties recently.

The issue comes down to liquidation versus restructuring. When a company is restructuring, all manufacturer warranties are considered in that process; therefore, most would be honoured despite the restructuring.

In a liquidation, the situation is less specific. Instead, consumers are advised to file a claim with the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada Outreach and Complaints. By doing so, they will be included in the list of creditors in case there is a bankruptcy settlement.

Manufacturer Warranty versus Store Warranty
Manufacturer warranties have nothing to do with the store that sells them. Therefore, when the store goes out of business, the manufacturer still honours the warranty. When it comes to retailer offered warranties, the situation becomes more complicated, and you may need to file your complaint to receive a settlement for your store-purchased warranty.

Considerations for a New Furnace Installation in Winnipeg

When you buy a new furnace, you will be presented with the warranty information. It is best that you review the warranty information and look for the following details:

· What is Covered? Manufacturer warranties may cover the parts, but not the labour. Others cover both. Therefore, read the fine print to see if your manufacturer includes parts and labour; so that if your unit breaks down, there is no cost to you.
· Who is Offering the Warranty? When you purchase a furnace or appliance, see who is offering the warranty. When you buy a warranty from the store, a third-party might manage that warranty. Therefore, if the retailer goes out of business, the third-party might still honour that warranty.

If your furnace installation in Winnipeg still has an applicable manufacturer warranty, contact East Side Ventilation. Our team can assess the status of your warranty. We are also a great choice when an appliance is no longer under warranty. You can trust that your repairs will be completed by trained and certified technicians with quick turnaround and at a reasonable price.

Contact us for your furnace repair in Winnipeg today. You can reach us at 204-667-8700. Also, feel free to fill out our quick online contact form.

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