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Why It’s Absolutely Essential to Change the Filter on Your HVAC System in Winnipeg

April 13, 2016

Heating and air conditioning systems represent a significant investment for any home in Winnipeg. The AC installation costs, repair fees and energy bills can all add up. That’s why preventative maintenance is so important. Even little steps, like simply changing your air filter, can save you from expensive air conditioner repairs down the road.

Changing your filter

The filters in your HVAC system trap dust, dirt and other contaminants in the air and keep them from circulating through the air in your home. A clogged and dirty filter can cause major damage to your heating and air conditioning system and can also result in respiratory issues in some people.

Which type of air filter should you choose?
There are several different types of air filters on the market so you have to choose the filter that is right for your system and your needs. The most common types are:

  • HEPA—HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. Used in hospitals, HEPA filters are known for their extraordinary ability to filter out germs and pollutants in the air. HEPA filters are often more expensive than other types of filters.
  • High-efficiency—Great at reducing allergy symptoms, these filters can also help your HVAC system run more efficiently.
  • Electrostatic—Using electrical static, these filters allow constant airflow to the HVAC equipment, reducing the likelihood of clogging.
  • Fiberglass—One of the cheapest options available, these filters do a good job of trapping dust but need to be replaced frequently.
  • Activated carbon—These filters are perfect whenever smell is an issue. The charcoal neutralizes heavy odours but these filters are not as good as some other varieties at removing dust particles from the air.

Consult your owner’s manual or speak to one of the knowledgeable air conditioning contractors at East Side Ventilation to find out which type of air filter would work best for your system.

Changing your air filters
A clean air filter can help your system operate at peak efficiency and keep the air inside your home as clean and healthy as possible. Avoid the need for air conditioner repair by remembering to change the filter on a regular schedule. Depending on which type of HVAC system you have, you may have to change the filter every month. A good rule of thumb is simply to check monthly and change whenever it looks dirty.

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