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Maintenance Cleaning for Winnipeg Air Conditioners


Maintaining clear air flow through your air conditioner is important – not just to keep cool air circulating through the house but also to prevent your air conditioner from freezing and breaking down. You can do your part by replacing the air filter regularly. However, more thorough seasonal cleaning and inspection will help improve your air conditioner’s energy-efficient performance. Regular AC maintenance from Winnipeg’s East Side Ventilation will help you get the full value of your investment in your air conditioning system, extending its life, preventing breakdowns and reducing the need for repairs.

Dust, scale, mold and other debris can build up on and inside your air conditioner. Professional air conditioner cleaning by East Side Maintenance is a thorough cleaning of parts such as the coil, blower fan, drain pan, and plenums which are hard to access and clean thoroughly. Seasonal cleaning of your air conditioner will keep clean air flowing through your home and help reduce allergens. AC cleaning is especially important if you have family members who have allergies, if you have pets, or if you have recently had renovations done in your home.

While we’re cleaning you’re AC unit, we can also clean your ductwork and furnace for an overall HVAC tune-up. As your trusted Winnipeg air conditioning experts, we’ll check all of your system’s components, including the condenser, evaporator, blower, and filter to ensure your system is clean and functioning properly.

Call us today to schedule your AC maintenance or use the convenient online form to contact us. We serve Winnipeg and other communities throughout Manitoba and look forward to serving you!

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