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AC Service

Service for Winnipeg Central Air Conditioners


How can you get the best and longest performance from your air conditioner? Air conditioner manufacturers agree that you get the best from your air conditioner with regular AC maintenance. Winnipeg area homeowners can schedule seasonal AC tune-ups with East Side Ventilation.

What do you get with AC maintenance from East Side Ventilation? As part of a larger maintenance checklist, your East Side Ventilation technician will:

  • Clean your air conditioner’s coil and other components
  • Check refrigerant levels and check for any leaks
  • Test and calibrate your thermostat
  • Inspect wiring and electrical connections
  • Assess the blower motor and belt 
  • Check the fan blade
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Inspect ductwork 

If you have not previously replaced an air filter or don’t know how to do this routine maintenance, please ask our technician. We’ll be happy to show you how to change your air filter easily. This is also a good time to ask any questions you may have about your air conditioner and to let us know if you have noticed any odd smells or noises from your air conditioner. We can make recommendations and repairs that will significantly improve the air conditioner’s performance and the air quality in your home.

You may also find it a timesaving to schedule duct cleaning at the time that you call us for air conditioner maintenance. Duct cleaning can reduce the allergens in your home and ease the load on your air conditioner as well.

For more information about our AC maintenance programs, or if you have questions about our maintenance plan options, please call East Side Ventilation or complete the online form provided on this page. If you would like to schedule your inspection, cleaning and tune-up, please contact us.

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